So here I am … creating a new virtual space where I have decided to share what I think, what I feel, and above all what I read and write. Here it is another public space that is supposed to help people express opinions; to get us if not together, then at least closer … But it somehow seems we only get further from each other. As much as it gives us more opportunities to connect and communicate, it deprives us of a real living human being’s presence to share it all with …

So in the search of the middle path, I will continue reading because books are as well a means of connection with the only difference that they do not get people together but rather whole worlds, they take us into unknown dimensions in order to bring us back to reality, leaving us feeling empty, wanting for more. Or at least that is how books make ME feel. If you are curious to know exactly why and in what way, then you are more than welcome to enter my literature world. And take part in it.

While reading, I like taking notes of phrases or sentences I find witty, odd or smart; of phrases or sentences that stir my emotions or disturb my soul, my beliefs, my convictions; of phrases or sentences that excel in language expression.

While reading, I like finding out about the author, the times they lived in, the influence they  had over the world and the influence the world had over them.

While reading, I invite you to read with me and eventually to read me.